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no phones, no internet… March 24, 2006

Posted by scan man in Computers, internet.

Our phone lines have been down for 48 hours. The unlimited internet access that I had taken for granted was down too.

I feel disturbed, anxious, fidgety….

Are these withdrawal symptoms…

Am I becoming an internet junky? 😦

I’m posting this from the Computer Department in the hospital which has an emergency line working full-time. I came to check my email and sneaked this in 😉


1. Moof - March 24, 2006

*comfort Scan Man!* Sounds like withdrawal to me!

Can’t say I’d be any different. My lap top is a permanent fixture on my lap … I’m thinking of just having it permantely installed. Anyone of you medicos know how to do that? ;o)

I really hope your internet is back on soon!!!

You’re missed!

2. Flea - March 24, 2006


You’re an internet junkie.

Welcome back.


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