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Good Grief! I’m a cult member!! March 25, 2006

Posted by scan man in Apple & OSX, Computers, Mac.

I’m home for the weekend. I can access the net, what a relief 😮

This post is not related to medicine. It is about computers.
I saw Suresh’s post about Steve Jobs a few days ago. I wrote this the same night, but wasn’t able to post it. I read through the post and followed the link to read the original interview by Inc. Magazine.

While reading the interview, I found that I was nodding to myself, smiling and was mentally checking up the facts that I knew about Jobs & Apple.

My reactions were scary. The horrible realization dawned that whether I like it or not, I am now a member of the Cult of Mac.Good grief

Good Grief! It was a terrible blow to my self-image! I am not a fanatic or a zealot. I don’t like cults. The very word evokes disturbing images: Aum Shinrikyo, Branch Davidians, Ku Klux Klan, Tamil Tigers, Al Qaeda 😦

Believe me. I’m cultophobic [I made up that word 😉 ].

My tastes are catholic. I’m not a Mac fanatic. In fact I’ve only been using a Mac for about 20 months. I used Windows and Microsoft DOS for about 15 years before that. I’m a doctor, not a tech geek.

…all that, sadly, was Denial.

The more I thought about my behaviour since I switched, the more I realized that I had to face up to the truth.

In the cold light of logic (?) the evidence was damning:

  • I feel a smug sense of of superiority whenever I see someone using Windows – which is pretty much all the time since the number of Mac users in my work place is – wait for it, don’t faint – 2. (Yes. Two! I did not miss any digits).
  • The home page in my default browser (Safari, of course) is the Apple start page. That said, I never was a fan of Internet Explorer. I used Opera in my pre-switch days. These days I use Safari & Firefox equally.
  • I feel uncomfortable when I use a Windows machine.
  • Increasingly I find myself trying to lead others to the light. *Horror* I’ve become a Mac evangelist.
  • I love the feeling of being unique – I am the only doctor in town who uses Keynote for presentations.
  • I love the looks on my Windows-using friends (?) faces when I show them nifty little Mac tricks like Exposé, the Genie effect on minimizing, the Dashboard and Widgets, I could go on & on…Maclogo.jpg
  • I can’t won’t rationalize. I KNOW.
    • OS X is better than Windows.
    • Apple is better than Microsoft.
    • Jobs is greater than Gates.
  • Apple innovates, Microsoft imitates.
  • I check TUAW daily and follow all interesting links. Then I talk to Suresh about what I read – if you didn’t know or haven’t guessed by now, he’s the other Mac user here. Actually he’s the one who converted me. My Guru…
  • I religiously download all of Apple’s periodic software updates – and pity Windows users and the apparent lack of interest shown by MS in keeping its customers up to date.
  • I am all agog whenever there’s a rumour of an Apple Special Event – trying to guess what new goodies will be unveiled.
  • I have an iBook, and I also use an eMac and a Mac mini – all of them running on PowerPC chips & I’ve already started making plans scheming to upgrade them to Intel Macs – a Mac Mini Core Duo, an Intel iMac G5 and a Macbook Pro.
  • I have 2 iPods – a Shuffle & an iPod Photo – the only reason I didn’t get a Video iPod was because I’m not interested in podcasts or vidcasts.
  • I was overjoyed when my friend became an Apple Dealer – I can now get Dealer prices for Apple products.
  • I can’t understand how Suresh can stand using an IBM Thinkpad after having used a PowerBook.
  • I can’t believe that he has not fixed his crashed hard disk even after 5 months. Before anyone asks – Macs don’t crash. That was faulty hardware – Toshiba, I think.
  • I have an Apple sticker on my laptop bag.
  • I read the unofficial biography of Jobs – iCon.
  • I was impressed by the Stanford University Commencement Address by Jobs.macmania.jpg
  • I think comics like this & this are funny.
  • & I collect such geeky stuff as this palindromic phrase – “Campus motto: Bottoms up, Mac!” (attributed to Bill Bryson, who’s books I love)

I give up.

I admit.

I am a Mac Maniac.

Yes!! Mac Rules!!



1. Moof - March 25, 2006

Dear Dr. Scan Man …. can you say AD- DIC – TION ? *gasp!*

Actually, I can think of worse things to be addicted to – for example Windows!

I’m not a Mac person … but I have no great love for Windows, either. I used to be a rabid Amiga addict. Although I’m using Windows now because my school work requires it, I was using Linux before that.

Hey … I have a weakness for cute little penguins … *shrug!*

But seriously, it does sound like you’re having a serious Mac-Attack! 0.o

Have you thought of joining a support group? 😉

2. It's me, T.J. - March 25, 2006

Oh my! Can you be treated for it or is it terminal?

I am looking at probably having to get a new computer. It is still a while off (I hope) but I do have a couple of questions.

For instance: I do a lot of school work and send papers via e-mail. The professors all ask for Word documents.

What happens in a case like this? Do you borrow your friend’s computer?

Great informative post.


3. scan man - March 25, 2006

Moof & TJ, Thanks for the concern. But I guess I’m beyond salvage now. I agree with Moof: If I have to be addicted, why not be addicted to the best 🙂
TJ, I think your question is one of the most frequent ones asked by people who show an interest in Macs. I don’t want to try & convert you. Follow the links below & come to an informed conclusion.

I use my Mac at work & at home. But my usage at work is limited to typing radiological reports that I do on MS Word 2004 for Mac. I also use MS Excel for keeping track of my Department’s statistics – the departmental secretary does it on his Windows machine, I access the relevant documents on our network and see them on my iBook. Though I have MS PowerPoint, I use Keynote for my medical and non-medical presentations. Predominantly my usage is limited to what I do with my laptop. So I may not be the best person to tell you about how effect a Mac will be in your work.

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