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Why India is in even bigger trouble… April 18, 2006

Posted by scan man in Life in India.

My last post was not very nice. It was rude of me to post something like that when our own political class's venality is unquestionably superior. Though the following story is apocryphal, a lot of us Indians would consider it plausible.

An Indian Parliamentarian (MP) went to the US to visit a counterpart. When the Senator invited him home for dinner, the MP was very impressed by the lavish mansion, grounds and the costly furnishings. He asked "How can you afford all this on a meagre senator's salary?"

The Senator smiled knowingly and took him to the window. "Can you see the river?"


"Can you see the bridge over it?"

"Of course", said the MP.

"10 per cent", said the Senator smugly.

Some time later, the Senator had occasion to pay a return visit. The Indian MP lavished all hospitality on him. When they came to his house, the American was stunned by the MP's huge palace, glittering with precious art, hundreds of servants etc, etc.

"How can you possibly afford this, on a Parliamentarian's salary?', he asked.

The MP called him to the window. "See the river over there?"

"Sure", cried the Senator.

"Can you see the bridge over it?"

The Senator looked, was confused, looked again and said – "No, I don't see any bridge."

"100 percent", said the MP!!



1. It's me, T.J. - April 18, 2006


It took me a while. But I think I “got it”!

Smart Indian.



2. Moof - April 20, 2006

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but it took me until sometime yesterday before the light finally dawned on me … and I understood the upshot of this parable.

You know something? I think both of our countries are in a serious jam, and it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.

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