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Dr. iBear on Tom Cruise’s weirdness… April 20, 2006

Posted by scan man in medical blogs.

Why is it that when I make up some weird story, all I get is four comments?

Because I'm a nobody. Hardly a handful of people care to hear me or see what I write.

But if a celebrity says something weird, there's widespread media coverage. It's bloody unfair.

As Dr. iBear says,

The weird just keep on getting weirder.

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1. Moof - April 20, 2006

Scan Man … the comments will multiply as more people find your blog! You can count on it …

… or you can go around saying crazy things like Tom Cruise does, and then you’d suddenly get a load of comments … 0.o … however you’d be sacrificing ever having any of them take you seriously!

As people used to say when I was a bit younger … “Hang loose!”

You’re off to a great start, by the way! :o)

2. dribear - April 20, 2006

thanks scanman,

It’s been said on my blog that this may be a scam. Somehow I doubt it. I believe that TC is wierd enough to actually do this kind of thing.

Dr. ibear

3. It's me, T.J. - April 21, 2006


And even at that, *one* of your four commentors isn’t 100% with her game.


Kind of makes it seem even worse, doesn’t it?

I’m sorry.



4. Pk - April 26, 2006

as I’ve said quite frequently in the past … I’ve never believed in alien life forms before …but Tom Cruise is making me seriously question that belief …

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