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I’m really better off than most people.. April 29, 2006

Posted by scan man in medical blogs.

Dr. Hebert has put in words – in his usual great style – what most of us doctors know is true, but hate to admit…

Something in the makeup of doctors makes them complainers….Certainly medicine is a tough line of work. But it pays pretty well, and it has definite benefits. It is about as independent a line of work as you can find, which is what I like about it. Although many people try to suggest what you should do, no one tells you what to do. M.D. really does stand for my decision. I wish more docs would come out and say, “You know, I really am better off than most people.” It takes character to be thankful for things as they are, and not to be always, vainly, wishing for better.



1. doctorz - May 20, 2006

I know exactly what you mean about most Doctors being moans, I don’t post on the Doctors.net message boards any more. At the end of the day we *are* better of than most people, and the system we work in, may not be perfect but in the developed world is certainly better than most.

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