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Busy Week May 9, 2006

Posted by scan man in random noise.

The first week of May has been good for the hospital, bad for me. I am in my twelfth month in my current job and last week was the busiest of the year. My employers should be happy. They are finally getting their money's worth.

I visit a small hospital in a nearby town on the first sunday of every month to do antenatal ultrasound scans. So my weekend was shot too.

Monday was election day. I voted early in the morning in my home town and travelled to work (about 160 km) to find that I had a large backlog of cases to be reported. It seems the radiologist who covers in my absence had to leave town on some pressing personal issues, and the guy who covers for him had taken the weekend off. So my monday was more manic than usual.

So far today has been good to me. It is 5:30 PM, and all I've had are three CTs and a bunch of xrays to report. I was bored enough to go for a nap in the afternoon. Which led to a discovery. It is uncomfortable to sleep in the afternoon in a non-airconditioned bedroom located in the top floor in the height of the Indian summer. Today's High temperature here was 38 C (100.4 F).

I started reading Umberto Eco's Foucault's Pendulum Sunday night. Got through a few pages before I nodded off. I don't think it is the kind of book that I can read when I am busy at work. I'll probably read more of it this week if the work load is light.

And I hope to resume blogging…


1. It's me, T.J. - May 10, 2006

Glad you were able to take a few minutes to post.

You were missed and I was also beginning to worry about you.

It’s good to be busy at work, but it’s bad to not have air conditioning while you are working.

Sorry for the discomfort…

About that book. I’ve had some experience with books that put you to sleep.

I think that you might ought to keep it at work.

Just in case you need something to help you sleep through the heat of the day.


2. Moof - May 10, 2006

Scan Man … I thought something like that was up! You’ve been uncharacteristically quiet! I was hoping you weren’t ill!

Now … I wish a nice quiet week for you … and a really quiet week end so that you can regroup!

Stay cool!!!

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