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New Blogger.. May 18, 2006

Posted by scan man in medical blogs.

We have a new blogger, a fellow dotor from Tamil Nadu.

OrthoDoc is an Orthopaedic Surgeon based in India.

He would still call himself a student. Learning is a process that continues throughout life for a student of Medicine. He hopes to express, discuss and learn more through this blog. His range of discussion will not be limited to ortho only. As the time slowly goes by, he hopes to discover …unearth more from the web.

He has been blogging for two weeks now. I highly recommend the following posts:

Language as a Barrier – where he explores the pros and cons of having English as the language of the Medical profession and higher studies in a multilingual society such as India.

Fall from Grace – where he laments the poor portrayal of the Medical Profession in popular media and worries if it is justified.

Mid-day Meal – where he writes about the Nutritious Noon Meal Scheme in which a free freshly cooked lunch is provided free for all school children in the Government-run schools of Tamil Nadu.

It feels good to have a fellow Tamilian on the medical blogosphere..



1. OrthoDoc - May 18, 2006

Great scanman! It feels wonderful to have a local buddy.

And thanks for the wonderful post on my blog.

2. Moof - May 19, 2006

Hey Dr. Scan Man! Don’t know what happened to the comment I left you last night, but just wanted to you know that I’ve added OrthoDoc to my blogroll and bloglines!

Thanks for introducing him! :o)

If I can help in any way – let me know!

3. Flea - May 21, 2006

Full stop comes before the quotation marks.



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