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On Blogging… May 19, 2006

Posted by scan man in random noise.

I've been blogging, intermittently, over three months now.

I started out with some vague ideas about doing 'something creative'.

Question: Does the full stop – period for the Americans – come before or after the quote?… I never would have thought of something like this if it were not for Umberto Eco and his 'Foucault's Pendulum' (pedants please refer page 51 of the Vintage 2001 edition paperback).

I don't think I have been too creative these past weeks. In fact I don't think I have even crawled out of the primordial swamp. The peaks of creativity are not even on my horizon.

But that has not deterred me from taking what with hindsight looks like an imprudent decision…I have taken the plunge…

….that was my not-so-direct way of trying to say that I have decided to move my blog to my own domain.

Fret not, Gentle Reader, you will probably have to wait till you edit your bookmarks. Of course, I'm assuming that there are some gentle readers out there..

I had some help from the resident computer geeks in the hospital in setting up a domain and uploading WordPress on it. So I now have an empty homepage with few pathetic typed lines and a blog page loaded with the WordPress Default Theme. The geeks have now abandoned me. They claim it is all easy-peasy after this. I feel marooned.

I spent most of last night pulling out what remains of my hair. Now I'm reduced to a blubbering wreck with bitten-down nails..

I don't have the faintest idea what to do next. Its a confusing alphabet soup of html, php, css, rss,…… out there.

I feel like the village idiot who has entered the Big City Hospital for the first time and is getting an earful from Big Consultant about what is wrong with him….

I admit. I was reckless. I just did it out of a misguided notion that I wanted a unique blog. I wanted it customizable. I wanted all the 'bells & whistles', to quote a friend. It also looks like I will have to retain this blog as a permanent archive. WordPress does not allow exports. Though I can import posts from Blogger or Movable Type, WP does not allow imports from an existing WP blog. How dumb can that be? Don't answer that. It was rhetorical. I guess I should ask myself the same..

Now I don't know what to do…

Any help on setting up and customizing a good WP theme will be gratefully acknowledged and appreciated.

Curtains come down on scan man, kneeling center stage, hands outstretched, pleading…..



1. Moof - May 20, 2006

Scan Man! Although I NEVER get offended … I’m almost offended that you didn’t ask me!!! *poke!*

I would be DELIGHTED to help you!

Go to my Themes Blog and pick and theme – or find one on the WordPress.org site, and let me know which one. I’ll either get it uploaded for you, or show you how. By the way, I have this theme on my themes blog.

Also … once it’s uploaded, I’ll be be glad to help you set it up, or show you how.

If you’re interested, email me and let me know!

2. scan man - May 20, 2006

Thanks Moofie, I knew there was one Gentle Reader out there 🙂

I posted that just to vent off some frustration. Frustration brought on by my stubbornness. I have two good friends who are more computer geeks than doctors. Having watched them, and having learnt from them over the years, I have imbibed some of their methods, which includes trial-and-error as the way to set up anything related to computers. They are the sort who disdain any kind of manual or guide….

I tried it their way first….hence frustration. I'll have another go over the weekend. I was going to email you anyways – for advice on adding 'bells & whistles'.

And I had blogrolled your theme blog a long time ago.

3. orthodoc - May 20, 2006

Scanman fret not. Help is on the way.

My advice:
– If you intned to move into another host/server try this post in WordPress.org (http://codex.wordpress.org/Moving_WordPress)
– if you looking to brighten your blog with a new theme, I suggest you use FTP to load a new theme. Read more about that, again in, WordPress.org (http://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Themes)

Good luck!

4. dribear - May 20, 2006


wish I could help but unfortunately I can barely manage my own blog!


5. It's me, T.J. - May 22, 2006

I’m just glad that I know how to log in to my blog.


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